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17 January 17:30Nordic Entertainment Group

Welcome to Immersive Open House - kicking off the schedule of 2019!

Manufacturing, prototyping building planning, data visualization, remote virtual meetings and HR functions like training/onboarding are some of the enterprise & B2B use cases for VR/AR that have already transformed operations for IKEA, Volvo, Skanska and other successful companies.

At this Immersive Open House, you will get a chance to listen to interesting speakers sharing their expertise and how they have been using VR/AR to execute business strategy and improve their bottom line significantly.

We will also spend the evening testing demos, watching immersive content, playing a few games, networking, laughing and discussing virtual reality and related technologies.

Be inspired by presentations  from Ericsson,  ÅF and Immersivt. Enjoy our complimentary snacks and drinks. Immerse yourself in various VR/AR experiences on the show floor.

Bring your curiosity
, have fun, expand your network together with us!

The purpose of Immersive Open House is to establish an arena to connect local VR professionals & enthusiasts with the companies and individuals whose life and work are impacted by the technology, and to foster collaborations in every direction.

When & Where

January 17th
Venue: Nordic Entertainment GroupRingvägen 52, 118 67 Stockholm


17.30 Doors open - Mingle / Demos / Food
(the demo area with VR stations is also open during the stage program)
18.00 Stage intro: Main sponsor
18.10 Speakers on stage
20.00 Mingle / demos / food
21.00 Doors close

Questions? Please contact Niclas Johansson:

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Adrià Cruz

Adrià Cruz is working as a software engineer inside the EVPE team, mainly developing AR experiences for learning and marketing purposes but also different XR projects. He will talk about his projects in Ericsson :How to use AR to enhance learning experiences and to showcase unreleased products or services. 

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As most of our manufacturing customers still haven’t tried immersive tech we encourage all levels of engagement. For easy access and as a we use 360-cameras to document projects such as laserskanning or other similar techniques. In this way we can easily communicate with clients without the thresholds that VR headsets still constitutes. Clients who are ready to try immersive are offered all levels of VR-kits, from Cardboard to Rift/Vive and data from dead point clouds to interactive hi-res lifelike environments.

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Fredrik Edström/ IVAR

Innovative usage of Immersive Storytelling for Industrial clients

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Niclas Johansson,

Niclas will present highlights and findings on "The state of XR in 2019" from our small survey among Swedish VR/AR companies.

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Organized by

VR Sci Group

VR Sci Group is a multidisciplinary research collective working with companies and non-profits to develop human-centered products and services using XR. They organize the annual VRSciFest at KTH - the world's biggest science festival focusing on VR/AR technologies and their applications.